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Create your next job with this proven strategy to access the hidden jobmarket and fill your calendar with interviews.

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The solution

Create your next job with this proven strategy to access the hidden jobmarket and fill your calendar with interviews.

  • Are you tired of being limited to the jobs that you find on online job boards?

  • Have you heard about this Hidden Jobmarket, but you have no idea how to access those jobs?

  • Would you like your calendar to fill up with interviews without sending out one single application? (And here you have to trust me: This is actually possible!)

Then joining Careergineers - The course and learning a simple, proven strategy on how to create your next job and countless interview opportunities through efficient networking is exactly what you need!

Become a Careergineer
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“You are an engineer with a passion to solve challenging problems. Job searching should not be one of them! Let me show you an easy strategy that does not take up more than 15 minutes of your day - so you can focus on developing our future innovations & technologies.”

Your Career Coach

Sarah Grötzinger

Career + Engineer
= Engineer your Career


Is a 4 weeks online course for engineers and other ambitious people who really want to take their career development into their own hands by accessing the hidden jobmarket and filling their calendar with interviews. 

Join Careergineers Now

These are the successes you will engineer for yourself

  • Visibility: With an attractive LinkedIn profile & CV both including excellent keywords, you will easily be found by recruiters. Strategic likes, comments - and if you choose - also your own expert content will increase your visibility and expert status. 

  • Independence: You will never again have to rely on finding a matching job on a job board or career page. From now on, you will create - not wait!


  • Structure: A strategy that works needs to fit into your schedule and follow an easy structure. Develop a routine that matches you and implement it!


  • Ideas: As a community, we will generate ideas for your LinkedIn profile, CV, messages & content that you would not come up with on your own!

  • Opportunities: You will attract the right companies that value your expertise

  • Network: You will build a growing & active network in your field of expertise as well as within the community

This is what you will learn as part of the community

  • Clear structure of how to access the Hidden Job Market through LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn Profile Guide & CV Creation Guide to present yourself in the best way AND be easily discoverable for recruiters

  • Writing messages that work and get you a higher response rate

  • More unconventional methods that will help you access your dream job

  • Answers to all your questions that come up in the process

Careergineers is for:

  • International engineers & technical experts looking for a job in Germany

  • Professionals seeking their next role

  • Students looking for internships, thesis or entry-level jobs

  • Job seekers & people in stable jobs  who want to create their next opportunity

​Everyone who feels the calling to engineer his or her own career independent of job boards!

This is what you can look forward to when you join

An online platform with relevant material,
resources & videos
A peer group of like-minded people to learn from and grow with
A safe space to practice & receive valuable feedback
All my heart, knowledge & experience as a Recruiter & Career Coach to help you succeed
Regular input from other experts, monthly content & challenges
Live sessions 2x per month with input, Q&A, live Coaching & Review sessions

Book your Careergineers membership now!

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