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This FREE course is for you if

  • You are an international professional looking for a job in the German market
  • You have no idea what to put into your application documents
  • You have been wondering for a while how to show "personality" in your application and in interviews - but nobody really explained it to you
  • You are confused where and how to start your job search in Germany

This is your real first step in your job search in Germany

Most people start their job search with endlessly scrolling job boards looking for jobs that match their experience. 


But this is not where successful job seekers start. If you would like to find your dream job in Germany, you have to start with YOURSELF.

  • Only if you can clearly communicate your goal and what motivates you to achieve it

  • Only if you can clearly describe your strengths and qualifications for the role

  • Only if you know what makes you unique and sets you apart from other applicants

You will be able to create outstanding documents that show your unique personality and excel in interviews with confidence and authenticity.  ​

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Learn all my secret ingredients that make your application stand out from the crowd and truly reflect who you are. 

The solution

This is what participants say

"I truly wish I had taken this course when I first started applying for jobs in Germany. It would have saved me a lot of time. While there's plenty of generic information online, there's nothing better than a quick and structured course with helpul advice, and many examples from a recruitment expert in Germany like Sarah."

Mariela, Software Engineer

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Hi, my name is Sarah, and I have over a decade of experience in HR recruiting, having personally reviewed more than 20,000 applications. For the past three years, I have successfully supported countless international professionals in their job search and career development within Germany as a Career Coach. 


This course summarizes the core content of the 1:1 sessions I conducted with my clients that helped them to create application documents that made their true personality shine through and nail their interviews with confidence. I'm happy to be able to share this powerful content with you now for free!

Your Career Coach

Sarah Grötzinger

What to expect from the course

  • Stating your career goal: Learn to state your career goal in a specific and precise way that it helps you to derive job search keywords and share it with your network to help them support your job search journey. 

  • Tapping into your motivation: Do you know what REALLY motivates you to achieve your goal? This question will certainly come up in any interview. After the course, you will have a satisfying answer that triggers your intrinsic motivation. 


  • Discovering all your strengths & skills: Being fully aware of all your strengths and skills greatly boost your own confidence. In the course you will learn how to choose the ones that your next employer wants to read. 


  • Collecting your success stories & achievements: Have you ever felt like you were lacking the significant examples that proof why you can do the job? Gathering your success stories and achievements will enhance your application documents with tangible results and you will never feel short of a matching example for each question during interviews. 

  • Stating your market value proposition: Having a clear statement that describes your goal and what qualifies you to achieve it is a great basic that you can re-use in multiple ways in your job search and networking activities. 

Bonus Video:


For those of you who are worried about gaps in your CV, career detours, times off, etc. there is an insightful bonus video to help you.

How will this input make

my job search successful?


Cover Letters

The course results provides you with specific examples that describe why you can do the job & you will know which unique strengths you need to highlight. You will also be able to clearly state what motivates you for the role. 



As part of the course you will create input for an eye-catching profile summary, input to create a result oriented work experience section and gold nuggets for many other places in your CV. 



The results from the course will help you prepare for many (especially typical HR) interview questions. You will be able to speak about your motivation and your achievements with confidence and authenticity and will have many examples at hand that help you answer a variety of questions. 


LinkedIn Profile

After the course, you will have created the basics to write a better profile slogan, a compelling about me section and be able to optimize many other relevant sections in your profile e.g. skills, projects, work experience.


Job search strategy

Having a clearly defined goal including relevant keywords will help you to actively search for a job in a more focused and strategic way. 



Being able to clearly state your goal and what qualifies you to achieve it, will help you to activate your existing network. The career goal & value proposition we create as part of the course, will be your basis to reach out to recruiters and hiring managers online and offline. 

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Quick overview

  • Immediate access to the course on our easy to use teaching platform

  • 45 minutes video content divided into short sections with insightful exercises

  • Downloadable Workbook to complement the exercises

  • Lifelong access to the course material 

  • Result: All the input you need to craft outstanding application documents and perform in interviews with confidence

Only your valuable time
  • Do your coachings, courses & trainings only work for international clients?
    All my courses are aimed at internationals looking for a job in Germany or planning to reach the next level in their career. This means, I always use content and examples tailored to these clients. However, of course my strategies and content also works for Germans or people who have lived in Germany for a long time.
  • Which language will our coaching session and/or your courses be held in?
    Individual 1:1 coachings will happen in the language of your choice - either German or English My courses, webinars & trainings are usually held in English, but often provide additional examples in German as a bonus
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