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I empower you to find a job you love...

in Germany

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The solution

I support you to reach the next level of your career in Germany.

Are you an international engineer or professional looking for guidance

to build your career in Germany?

  • Are you struggling with German application standards?

  • Have your interview processes not been as successful as you had hoped they would be?

  • Do you feel that the language barrier might become an issue?

  • Are you convinced that you would be a great fit for many current job openings, yet not securing any job offers?

  • Do you wish you were getting more detailed feedback on your application processes to improve next time, but the companies are keeping it polite and superficial?

Then Don't
Worry Anymore.

I am here to guide you.

How Do I Make Your Life Easier? 

Work with me:

Kickstart Session

60 minutes you & me.

Deep work on a topic of your choice. 

Cover Letter, CV, Interview, LinkedIn Profile - Let's solve the one problem that you are facing right now.

4 weeks online course

Careergineers - Engineer your career in Germany!

Become a confident player on the German job market and fill your calendar with interviews!

1:1 Career Coaching Sessions

“Next Level Career Coaching”

Boost your personality to reach your goals.

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CV Check
Weekend Course
Career Community
1:1 Coaching

Hear it from my clients

Job hunting is in many ways a "strategy game" in which you try to win without knowing the rules or having a strategy! My coaching session with Sarah brought a fresh perspective to my job hunting and gave me an steady ground to continue applying. I was gladly impressed during the coaching session as she approached my requirement by asking me if I could put into words the path I have walked and the goals towards I am driven. Once this ground work was done, tailored Motivation Letters (Anschreiben) and Curriculum came easier. My job hunt have now a strategy and quantifiable goals. In return, my applications are now landing more interviews while my network is growing steadily and consistent with my career goals. I recommend Sarah's Coaching to anyone who is struggling with his/her job hunting, specially if you are new to Germany, or is your first time looking for a job.

Nicolas, Project Engineer for Special Machines from Colombia

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About me


Happy to meet you!

Hi, my name is Sarah. For 10 years I have worked in recruiting, talent management & HR marketing. During that time, I scanned more than 20 000 applications, conducted over 2000 interviews and hired several hundred German as well as international engineers & technical experts on all levels, mainly for the automotive industry. After further education as a certified Coach & Trainer, I have supported over 200 clients within the past year to make the next step in their career in Germany and it would be my pleasure to help you next as a careercoach.

About me

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