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Career Coaching

1:1 Career Coaching Sessions -

Boost Your Personality To Reach Your Goals

The solution

Sometimes, the only thing in between you and your goals is you.

Are you ready to reach the next level?

  • You aim to reach the next stage of your career in Germany including the next salary level

  • You want to be recognized as an Expert in your field

  • You are looking for stability and security in your career while at the same time maintaining a freedom to travel and enjoy life

  • You want to present yourself with confidence and authenticity

  • You are looking for a job that just feels right and is in line with your personal values and goals

Then career coaching is exactly the right next step for you.

This is what we will achieve together during our coaching sessions:

  • We will develop a clear vision for your future life & career including the strategy of how to get there

  • We will identify and develop the skills & strengths you need to get there

  • We will boost your confidence and rekindle your passion by identifying your strengths, motivators and core values

  • You will learn how to brand and present yourself authentically as the expert you are

  • We will work on any limiting beliefs and behaviours that are in the way of achieving the best life & career for yourself

Are you wondering if this is the missing piece you were looking for?
and find out!

This is how we will work together:

  • We will meet online on Zoom for individual 1:1 Coaching Sessions of about 90 minutes

  • Before the first session we will assess your individual goals

  • In between sessions you will receive tasks including material that will help you to reach your goals

  • I will be there for you to answer questions and give input via Email and WhatsApp while we work together


Hear it from my clients

Job hunting is in many ways a "strategy game" in which you try to win without knowing the rules or having a strategy! My coaching session with Sarah brought a fresh perspective to my job hunting and gave me an steady ground to continue applying. I was gladly impressed during the coaching session as she approached my requirement by asking me if I could put into words the path I have walked and the goals towards I am driven. Once this ground work was done, tailored Motivation Letters (Anschreiben) and Curriculum came easier. My job hunt have now a strategy and quantifiable goals. In return, my applications are now landing more interviews while my network is growing steadily and consistent with my career goals. I recommend Sarah's Coaching to anyone who is struggling with his/her job hunting, specially if you are new to Germany, or is your first time looking for a job.

Nicolas, Project Engineer for Special Machines from Colombia

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Why I think I can help you


I've been there and done that.

For years I have told myself that I could never be a trainer or coach. All the coaches I had previously met, had been in a variety of leadership positions before - but I hadn't. Therefore, it was obvious to me for a long time, that this type of career would not be possible for me. 

Fast forward to today: After a lot of time spent on my own personal development, training and coaching from experts I now know that this was just a story I had been telling myself to keep me in my comfort zone. I did not dare to dream what would be possible for me if I dared to step outside and grow. Now I am more than happy that I did and can't wait to pass this feeling of endless possibilites on to you.

About me

Want me to help you discover
what is possible for you?

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